#DilSeDilKiBaat: What LOOKS mean to me?

#DilSeDilKiBaat: What LOOKS mean to me?


Since the age of six, I was obsessed with unicorns and cute little knick-knacks. And as I grew up and found myself in this glittering world of fashion, I realized it’s easy being hot and part of the herd walk. But, it takes a lot more effort to actually open up your heart. And show the world the real – YOU!

In this era, of instant blogging when everyone wants to be a blogger they hide behind tonnes of makeup and Instagram filters. Sadly, we had forgotten the essence of blogging and portraying to Gen-X that looks are only limited to a beautiful face, short dress and a good backdrop behind.

However, for me, looks are not just limited to a pretty face. Rather it means to be able to see the beauty of the world and the people living in it. We all are beautiful in our sweet way and space. All we need is a good heart to see and not get influenced by the lives of others.

When the whole world is running for likes and followers, I would suggest to stop, take a deep breath, and scroll through your work and find the real – YOU (as this is more important).

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